452: Cat Fight

I know I've said this before, but I'm going to bring it up again for any new readers. This comic is autobiographical, however everyone is a fun house version of themselves, no one is a one for one representation. I played fastest and loosest with my own family. In reality I have two sisters, one older, one younger. I decided to change them as I did, so that neither sister could get offended at my depictions. I took one or two aspects of my older sister and made Burt. I split my younger sister's personality in twain, exaggerated a couple traits and made Charlotte and Diane. My parents almost named my younger sister Charlotte Diane, or rather Mom wanted to, but Dad wouldn't stop singing "Charlotte the Harlot, the Cowpuncher's Whore." If my elder sister had been male, she would have been a Robert. For my parents' characters I went all out crazy exaggeration. Despite the fact that Mrs. Epstein plays the dry voice of reason, my mother in reality is usually the sunny, warm, outgoing person who makes everyone feel comfortable. My dad was the ultimate bad boy back in his youth and still comes off as someone to be reckoned with, which made it fun to depict him totally goofy and simply a softie (yes, he really has saved flies from spider webs). So just to be clear, the Epsteins are based on my family, but they are not my family.