449: Good Catch

I've gotten a bunch of e-mails congratulating me on Walter's birth and also reminding me that I can take it easy and miss a few posts. Thank all of you for your well wishes and understanding. You'll probably notice that I haven't missed a post since then. I promise you that I'm not over exerting myself, it's just that for me, part of how I cope with having an adorable element of chaos in my life is by prioritizing what I really want to get done every day and the comic is very high on that list. Everything I do is at a slower scale, often one handed or broken up over several periods, but I intend to still get the important stuff done. Thank goodness my husband is so supportive and honestly, it's probably lucky that Walter makes the demands on my time that he does or I would run myself into the ground! As it stands, things are on a pretty even keel, we're making good inroads on getting the baby to only wake up a couple times during the night and so far we haven't encountered any infant craziness that we couldn't figure out a solution to, so here's hoping things keep staying this manageable!