448: Miscommunication

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Growing up most of the year we had a postage stamp of a lawn and all the maintenance was taken care of by what we referred to as "lawn locust", those landscaping crews that swoop in at odd hours, create a whirlwind of activity and make everything immaculate, so I don't know that much about taking care of a big yard. We have a whole lot of oaks on the property, which all started shedding leaves at once, as del as some pines overhanging the driveway. I was cleaning it all up with a broom and rake, which was wicked time consuming, so my husband bought us an Ego battery powered leaf blower. It's not as cool looking as the mower, but wow does it work good! It even blows the fallen branches off the driveway and is just generally fun to operate. Yards are like giant toy boxes.