443: Wisdom

Over the past few months I've had some very interesting conversations with female friends, which you could say are related to that #Yesallwomen thing on Twitter that I hated so much. Essentially it's this: a number of my female friends were told growing up that they should be careful going out after dark by themselves, because of their gender and that we shouldn't live in a world where it is dangerous to be a woman and thus easy target. I was also told growing up that I shouldn't put myself in risky situations, but I was never told this was because I was female, simply that the world is a dangerous place. The result is that I think everyone should learn self defense and that it's a shame that people don't raise their sons also to be cautious when heading out alone after dark. I certainly shall raise my children, regardless of gender, to understand the concept of calculated risks and use caution when contemplating dangerous behavior. Thinking that we can make a dark alley at 2 AM safe for women to blithely trot down alone is naive; teaching everyone regardless of gender not to go down that dark alley at all is a reasonable goal to strive for.