247: Lurking Lovers


I'm not very good at technology. Three years ago before I got engaged I was a lot worse. I used to joke that my family was like the Flintstones and my sweetheart's like the Jetsons. For the most part now I'm used to living in the future, to having a smart phone, an iPad, an actual good computer, running a website and almost even comfortable with social media tools. However I still sometimes have bad tech weeks. Some of you may have briefly seen this when I accidentally posted it last Thursday. We didn't get internet up and running until Wednesday, I'm still transitioning from Photoshop to Manga Studio and I'm in the process of automating the mailing list (which you still can only join by contacting me, but I hope to soon make just a button on my website) and just in general I was not at the top of my game. That said despite the minor glitches, I'm happy to say that posts still went up! Things should be back to normal now and the comic should be heating up. October 2009 is a great month for cat stories and I'm looking forward to sharing with you some of my favorites.