254: Surprise Volunteer

Years ago my family had an automatic litter box. It's motor sounded like a truck engine, but even at 2 AM it was sweet music to our ears compared to having to scoop cat feces. My parents eventually stopped using it, because they had accumulated too many cats with my sister moving back home and it wasn't very good with elderly cat loose stools. Over the years I've tried a lot of different litter box solutions and just recently my husband and I decided to give the automatic one another chance. We did a lot of brand research and got not the fanciest kind out there, but a really solid middle of the line box. Like all things tech, it is fairly impressive how things improve in the better part of a decade. This one waits ten minutes after the cats have used it to give the refuse a chance to harden before scooping it, it has little baggies that make disposal easier and best of all the motor is quiet enough that a lot of times I don't hear it running. So now we have a robo vacuum, a robo mop and a robo litter box. Now all we need is a robo duster!