261: Ominous Poop

Strip 261.png

I was an East Asian Studies major at school, so I learned a lot about Asian religions. I remember finding out that the core concept of Buddhism is that life is suffering. We suffer because we have worldly attachments. Let those go and you will be at peace. However, what that says to me is that you have taken away your ability to feel intense emotions. Sure, there is no more pain, no more suffering, anguish, angst, moments of intense sadness, but the trade off is that you have lost your ability to experience great joy. Personally, I would rather experience the grief of someone I loved dying than miss out on the joy of ever being attached to that person in the first place. I want the jubilation of going to some exciting new event even if the trade off is sometimes I might be bitterly disappointed when the event is canceled due to snow. I'll take my downs, thank you, in exchange that I get to experience the ups as well!