253: Cheap

For those of you reading this who are fluent in Yiddish. If I use a word incorrectly, please let me know! 


Having been into environmental conservation since before it was cool, I jumped right onboard with compact fluorescents first came out. In the past six apartments I have lived in, I've changed out the incandescents for the more energy efficient spiral bulbs. Yes, they are slow to warm up and the quality of light isn't as great, but they last longer and in general I just hate waste. Thus it's been very exciting that LEDs are taking off. With the new place we actually tightened our belts and shelled out for a couple 19W LEDs for the living room. The difference was shocking. Even though the compact fluorescents had been about the same wattage, the quality of light was nothing compared to these new guys. It transformed the front room from a cave into a  cheery living space. When we buy a house we are so putting these things everywhere.