260: Jealousy

Strip 260.png

Whenever you adopt a kitten, it's a real gamble what desirable and undesirable personality traits the little critter will have. My sister once got the sweetest, most affectionate kitten given to her by one of her students (Casanova in the comic), who turned out to be a chronic bed urinator. She did everything possible to mitigate the habit, but at the end of the day there were still a lot of stinky sheets and maybe a ruined mattress or two. We had another cat, Simon, who was extremely bulimic and hoarked up his food on an alarmingly regular basis. He lived to be 20, so clearly it didn't effect his health much, but it was most unpleasant. I feel thankfully that my little ginger's only bad habits are purring on my face at 5:00 AM when he wants to be let out and defecating on the comforter when he's angry at me, which is thankfully a rare occurrence.