246: Rayal


My husband and I are a big fan of the concept of 'vote with your dollar'. If you don't like how a company operates, don't patronize them. Places like Wal-Mart and Game Stop are on our permanent boycott list and honestly if I could avoid Google products altogether I would. As it is I use their services as little as possible and try to find ways for them not to profit off of me, like using a client for the Seeking Shelter e-mail, so that they can't serve me ads. The flip side of that is when we really like a business, we make a point of supporting them. If I get a book from the library that I really enjoy, we'll usually buy it and other works from the author new, so that the creator collects royalties on it. If a game comes out free on the iPad that's a lot of fun and then adds game enhancing paid features, we'll purchase them. There's something really nice about knowing when you buy something you really like that you're supporting the creator and that by refusing to patronize places with shady business practices, you're not giving them more power.