245: Back Home


So last year my husband and I decided to list every show we watched and rate on an F-A+ scale and on the first of the year we arranged it to see what were our top shows of 2013. Below are our picks. I guess it'll be pretty obvious that we're both cartoon buffs!

Venture Brothers Season 5: Irreverent, smart, hilarious and builds beautifully on the previous four seasons. It's some of the most pleasing American cartoon art I've ever seen. The language is as harsh as the themes, my most favorite cartoon aimed at adults.

Penguin Drums: Brought to you by the same twisted minds as Revolutionary Girl Utena, a totally trippy and poignantly melancholy tale where you never know what is going to happen next. 26 episodes.

Blast of Tempest: The show starts out quoting a lot of Hamlet and then switches to The Tempest. It's one of the only things I've seen with the first 13 episodes being incredibly dark and then pivoting to a much lighter feeling, while keeping the entirety of the series totally gripping. A weird and wonderful urban fantasy.

Sword Art Online: A captivating fantasy in a SciFi shell, this anime pulls you in at the get go and doesn't let go for 26 episodes and two riveting arcs of people trapped in a full dive multiplayer fantasy role playing, while their bodies waste away in the real world stuck in comas.

Michiko & Hatchin: Set in Argentina with a rainbow hue of skin colors and (in the dub) accents, this was probably my favorite of all our A+ shows of the year. It's about a thug who breaks out of jail to find the ten year old daughter of her old flame and travels the country with the girl looking for him. It's surprising look at relationships and how people love, with lots of shoot outs and car chases. 22 episodes.

Blood C: Horror at it's finest. Bloody, visceral and building from a slow start to an utterly captivating finish. 13 episodes in all.