237 and 238: Cat Friendly


So I could have run this as two days worth of strips, because number two would have made for a great dramatic beat, but I didn't because Seeking Shelter is not the sort of comic where you should spend all day worrying if one of the main characters is about to meet his demise by jaws of mistreated dog. On top of that I didn't want there to be concerns that I was going to propagate the bad reputation that poor Pit Bulls currently carry. It's 100% true that there are some awful people who raise Pit Bulls as fighter dogs, abuse them horribly and train them by encouraging the mauling of other creatures, but that isn't what the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was originally bred for. They were touted in the Victorian era as the ideal family pet and I'm sure those of you who have had a pet who is a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix can attest, they are generally sweet, loyal affectionate and get along very well with other creatures.