159: Nightcats


We share a beer every night. We get teased about this a lot. "What, just one beer? You know being married doesn't require you to share everything, you could have one each!", but we drink it mainly for the taste and there is something wonderfully intimate about sharing one beer between us. I like the really dark ones, dubbel bochs are my favorite, with porters being a close second, though I have a real fondness for fruit beers too. We just restocked, something we do every few months and the store was overflowing with Oktoberfests and pumpkin ales. I will never understand pumpkin ale. Our most exciting find was Abita's Strawberry Harvest, which I'd been looking for all summer. We ended up getting two six packs of it, which we've never done before. Pretty much the only beers we buy even buy one pack of every year are Dogfish Head's Midas Touch and Raisin D'etre, Weyerbacher's Heresy, and Brekenridge's Vanilla Porter. I guess Strawberry Harvest now has a special place of honor, being as we had so much trouble finding it and actually bought double rations. ^_^