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We had a bat in the apartment recently, this was the third one and I'm very proud of our handling of the situation. The first time was midday and I was totally freaked out that the critter might be rabid. I called animal control and this diminutive blonde showed up, stood on her tippy toes and plucked the now calm bat off the door frame with her white gloved hands. It made me feel like a total wuss. In fact, I got teased about it right up until the point that a bat swooped into our living room on what had been an otherwise uneventful evening. We both jumped through a metaphorical roof. 

This third bat incident took place more than a year after the other two and I'm proud to say that while the bat was a whole lot bigger, we were a lot calmer. Even though the cats offered to take care of the problem for us, when the bat refused to fly out the window we opted for catching him in a very long cardboard box. The night flier liked it so much he actually crawled to the back of it, we covered the open end and let him go on the porch. I felt very cool.