175: Worth a Million Bucks


I am baffled by the mystery of the eggplants. I bought a seed packet of bella rosa plants this spring. Over 20 sprouted and I thinned the bed a few times, giving the culled sprouts to friends. Here it is, September, and mine are still in a juvenile state where as the three I gave to my mother-in-law are beautiful, frilly giant flora, albeit hers haven't given her fruit either. I thought maybe mine didn't have enough sun or the porch pot was too cramped, but visiting a good friend recently, who'd also planted three seedlings in her garden, I can't figure out what the secret ingredient was. This friend had good sun and endless soil, but her plants never really grew either. Ah well, next year I'm going to try like 15 veggie varieties and hopefully I will even crack the secret of the adult eggplant!