173: Real American Hero


I set a lot of parameters for myself when I started the comic, a finite strip size (though I get around that with smaller panels), character designs that don't change change the model's body type, ethnicity, or physical quirks (like glasses, balding or birthmarks), not deviating from events how they happened unless I have a really amusing idea, etc. etc.  One of the rules I set for myself is that I will do no more than three consecutive posts that don't focus on animals. You'll notice that this narrative about doubts in finding a life mate started with a Rab Cat strip and tomorrow we're back to ornery gray tabby humor, followed by a storyline about a new foster. I really do enjoy drawing zany cat strips, although something like this I think is important to get a deeper understanding into the characters' personalities. And yes, for the record, the person Trudy is modeled off of really did go liberate trapped and abandoned animals in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. She's like a super hero!