172: Your Type


Thursday night we drove to Boston. We thought it was going to be a simple four hour trip. The GPS was spending a lot of time chirping about traffic 120 miles away, which we blithely ignored since we were starting out at rush hour. I mean, what place wasn't going to have congestion at 5 PM? The funniest thing was that after about an hour of "Look at the screen. Traffic Congestion X miles away. Expect X minutes delay" we started getting a new message. "Look at the screen. Baseball."  

Anyway, we got as far as Connecticut before traffic actually got bad. We ran into a few spots with ugly left lane traffic merges, a couple accidents and worst of all an area where they had decided at eight in the evening it was a good idea to essentially close all three lanes of highway and have you drive in the stripped breakdown lane. To add insult to injury, they had the merge right at an onramp and there was a carpool lane that they could have been directing all the traffic into. Certainly if we'd known an hour ago when traffic ground to a halt what was going on we would have taken the car pool lane. 

So it ended up taking us six hours and two more subsequent road work snarls. When we finally got to Boston we were blinded by giant lights. Oh yeah, Baseball. Thankfully the home game was still going and aside from killing our night vision, didn't actually delay us in getting to the hotel.