167: Boundries


When I started living with my sweetheart, I was pretty movie illiterate, something we've been working on rectifying over the last few years. A couple nights ago we watched Fight Club, which now takes the number one slot in scariest movie I've ever seen, trumping Jumonji, Coraline and Spirited Away. I think this is why the Jews observe Yom Kippor, so you can never harbor so much anger and resentment in your life that you actually develop multiple personality disorder and set out to destroy the world.

What scares people is odd. Over the last couple of years  we've watched together Splice, Cabin in the Woods, Alien, Prometheus, Stoker, The Thing (both old and new), the first two Hell Raiser Movies and that trilogy with the book that raises some evil spirit who possesses people of whose name I can't remember, along with watching the first season of Walking Dead and American Horror Story. None of these really sent chills down my spine, though I found American Horror Story the scariest of the bunch, because all of them had such fantastic premises. Scary is doing stuff you don't remember or being a helpless kid with reality just randomly shifting on you.