166: Good Day


My mother has never been able to figure out why her daughters are such conservative dressers. I certainly can't speak for my sisters tastes, though I know for myself it has much more to do with wearing clothes that are comfortable rather than trying not to look like a vixen. I had a friend who I made in the winter, who was shocked to learn how much skin I showed in the summer, assuming I was very demure in my dressing tastes rather than cold and appreciating loose clothes. Bathing suits are one of those topics we really differ on. Somewhere around the beginning of college I realized it was much easier to find a two piece bathing suit with a skirt rather than a one piece with a skirt. Regular one pieces always baffled me, why spend so much time covering acres of midsection only to leave one's most intimate zone practically on display? Bikini waxing and playing in the ocean should not be concepts that go hand in hand. Oddly enough though many people seem to disagree. My sisters call my bathing suits Bond Babe suits arguing that  I could get the drop on my target, because the person would be too busy drooling at my exposed naval, while the skirt is long enough to conceal a weapon. I've also had a few pals I've gone to the beach with refer to my bathing suits as 'sexy'. Clothing and people's perceptions are so weird.