165: Truffling


In other tiny human adventures, a couple weekends ago a friend came with her three year old son. We walked down town for Chinese food and I left the restaurant early, so that said small child and I could get a head start on the fairly long walk home. The little boy was fascinated by the towering gothic churches in town, specifically imagining the effort it took for people to build them. He was even enchanted by the concept of concrete, stone that people actually made. It was really perspective changing. I'm much more a nature than a man-made sort of person and I hadn't considered how magical it could seem, this idea that a person could shape and build these colossal things.  The game ended up turning into an endless chasing and vanquishing of monsters, entirely his idea, and with all the dashing about, the other grown-ups didn't catch up with us until were more than halfway home. Imagination is a wonderful motivator.