163 and 164: Surprises


I decided to double up comics, because it's really annoying when the week ends on a number that isn't a multiple of five. This happened back at Pesach too and in retrospect I wouldn't have waited months to fix the number. 

For the record, Rosh Hashanah was quite lovely. We had over a neighbor and her daughter who had recently discovered they were Jewish and made challah together. Her daughter was not quite three and it was adorable to watch her kneading her own little piece of dough, haphazardly coating the braided loaves with egg yolk and attempt to sprinkle poppy seeds on them. Afterwards we made rugelach, because the new year seemed like a great excuse for fattening cooking and, as far as I know, isn't associated with any specific holiday. I was really impressed by the little girl's ability to roll the pastry. Her mother was impressed that she was being a little chatterbox and proclaimed me good with children, an attribute I hadn't before considered myself having. I guess there's nothing like the bond of making treats together.