152: Playboy


My sister's bob tail kitten was actually named Hikaru Genji, but I thought a reference to a Japanese medieval prince was too obscure to make the punch line of a comic. For those of you who haven't heard of him, Hikaru Genji, the shining prince, was the protagonist of Genji no Monogatari  the first novel written in Japan. It was also the first novel written by a woman and the first story to be written entirely in hiragana, which was the time considered a woman's writing system. Hiragana is phonetic, while men's writing, kanji, was made up of Chinese characters. Today Japanese writing incorporates both plus a third alphabet for foreign word and emphasis. Anyway, Genji was a serious playboy and there is reference to the fact that he was as successful with the gentlemen as the ladies, a true equal opportunity lover. :P