100: Moving Addiction


Wonder what happens to Trixie after this? Click here to read her epilogue. 

Hurray! Strip 100! In celebration, I'm making a few changes to Seeking Shelter.

1)  When Mallorie moves to her new place, I am committing to fully realized backgrounds of her apartment. 

2) I've finally figured out to do more conventional tails on speech bubbles, so you should see speech bubbles that are clearer and have a bit of whimsey popping up soon. 

3) You may have noticed I took down the advertisement; it was crowding out the social buttons. Eventually I'll probably switch to a different website template and bring back the charity advert, along with a couple other tasteful and relevant ones, but for probably the next 100 strips the site is going to be ad free. 

4) I finally figured out to set scheduled updates, so now Seeking Shelter will be updating at the exact same time six days a week, which is midnight. Hopefully this means no matter how early in the morning you want to get your kitty fix, the comic should already be up!