218.5: Bathing Beauties


So I had planned for my break from the comic to be an actual break, but instead it became eight days of extra artsy fun. My husband got me the mother load of Prisma colored pencils and I ended up drawing all sorts of fun pictures in the evening. On top of that there was a great sale on Manga Studio 5ex, so I bought a copy. It's going to take some getting used to, but ultimately looks like a much better product for my needs than Photoshop. I should be able to do some really cool effects, have better speech bubbles and way better shading tools. You probably won't see the fruits of the switch for a couple months, but when you do, it shall be awesome. On top that I put some real work into redesigning the website. Either this weekend or next, you should see an entire revamp of the page. I'm really proud of the improvements pending. Lastly I also had the free time to put some major effort into the covers.  I am getting very close to be able to submit the first volume for print!