236: Finding the Violence in Everything


A while ago I didn't see a pedestrian who wanted to cross the street until the last moment. I stopped short and she strutted across the street like I had intentionally tried to deny her of her rights and she had gotten the best of me. I don't think I'll ever understand that. Most people who walk also drive, so you'd think they would understand how the equation works, but a remarkable amount of people seem to forget that when you're driving pedestrians aren't magically lit up in neon colors and thus when you're behind the wheel worrying about the guy who just cut you off, it's hard to also be paying attention to the person who wants to jay walk, cross the street in the pitch black with dark clothes on or just decided to scorn sidewalks altogether that day. I don't think it's that most drivers rudely don't want to yield to pedestrians as much as there are so many other hazards to worry about that unless a person is in a cross-walk as is intended, the driver might not immediately register them. Thankfully I have yet to even come close to hitting any living creature larger than a squirrel and I swear he ran under my tire.