220: Endless Poop


So by sheer statistical likelihood I am guessing that most you guys celebrate Christmas and probably aren't obsessed with shopping for holidays six months in advance like my family. Therefore, I'm going to recommend my favorite graphic novels and comics in the 10-15 dollar price range, as good presents or just extremely enjoyable reads that you might want to pick up.

Critteritude by David Martin

A finished photo webcomic about adorable ferrets, cats, dogs and birds. Cute, good fun for all ages!

Sheldon by Dave Kellet.

Probably the best modern newspaper strip style comic out there. I especially recommend his pug collections. Suitable for all ages.

Courtney Crumrin by Ted Nefeh

We've been getting these for my niece. The spooky adventures of a middle school girl who isn't all sugar and spice and happens to live on the edge of some very magical woods. The new color edition adds some muted color softness to Mr. Nefeh's rather harsh black and white style. They are also just gorgeous books. Very satisfying urban fantasy for anyone whose ever felt like an outsider. Great for ages 10+

Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol

A page turning read, well plotted and beautifully drawn in a bold black and white style. This an exciting ghost story intertwined with that of an immigrant girl trying to fit in like any other middle schooler. The story has a few really unexpected twists and wraps up in a very satisfying manner. I'm a big fan of the printer, First Second, who has an entire catalog of attractive graphic novels  on a variety of interesting topics. This is a good title for anyone ages 10+

Requiem in Phoneybrian (RIP) by Mitsukazu Mihara

Sadly out of print, but still available, this is one of my most treasured stories. It's about sin, redemption and forgiveness. If you're Christian and don't have much of a sense of humor about weird takes on religion, I don't recommend it, as Jesus makes a rather bizarre cameo and I don't think the author is really up on her theology, but as an interesting take on life and death it is very neat. Ages 15+ are appropriate reading ages.

Koko be Good by Jen Wang

My husband gave me this one for Chanukah this year. It's a beautiful edition that really does justice to the artists sumptuous art. The whole work is drawn in muted watercolor tones, which is a lovely aesthetic, though honestly I found it harder than color to parse quickly. She has an extremely unique and pleasing art style. Her noses are particularly great to look at. However, don't think just because I'm waxing eloquent over the art that the story plays second fiddle, no, it is an excellent tale of being young and trying to figure out what you want from life. I'd recommend it to anyone age 20+

We Can Fix It! by Jess Fink

For what starts out as crude and humorous take on the expression 'autobiographies are like author masturbation' it is a surprisingly poignant story about reflecting on old memories, making peace with old ghosts and becoming satisfied with the present. It is a very neat shape (one corner of the book is rounded) and I'd say is a good read for anyone 25+