219: Messin' with Weasels


So recently I read the most satisfying book: Zombies, Cats and Heroes. I think it can be best summed up in its tag line "where the heroes aren't always human." As the title suggests it was a zombie apocalypse story, but with very little emphasis on the undead, or pseudo super rabies victims as the case may be. It mostly focused on the part I like best, the aspect of survival in a world where human civilization has crumbled. The coolest part though was that it wasn't just about a man living to the next day, it was just as much about his cat and the cougar he picks up and the other cats and the second cougar who join his party along the way. It was very well written in a concise, easy to parse manner that had me just flying through the chapters and the end had me smiling for days. If you're looking for a good, light read I highly recommend it.

Oh and as a fun bit of trivia, I discovered it because the author is a Seeking Shelter fan and contributed a Happy Tail. He mentioned his works when I was doing the bio and as soon as I found out the plot, I just had to give it a try.