232: Camoflauge


Growing up in Maine driver's licenses were very important. It wasn't uncommon for 15 year olds to get special licenses that allowed them to just drive to school and back. I remember I got mine on the first try. I was determined to pass, because I hated driving and if I had that license my parents would make me stop practicing. I was shocked to realize recently that 15 is no longer the standard permit age. In a lot of New England states it is now 16, which I think is crazy since you can get a license at 16 1/2. Why would states rob teenagers of an extra 6 months of mandatory training when they are also instilling all these other laws restricting teens ability to drive once they do have their licenses? Whatever other truths might be out there, I am a firm believer in that practice makes perfect or at least better. Get as much as you can!