229: Altered Reality


OK, I know this 3 parter had nothing to do with animals, but it's one of my weirder stories from this time period and had a lot of humor, so I wanted to share. For the record, this is the first time I've actually changed the race of any of the characters. In real life the three guys were black, but I didn't want to depict them as such in the comic, for fear of it looking like there was an implied connection between skin color and miscreants. The focus of the story is on animals, not social studies, so I decided better to just not open that can of worms.  Honestly I  have no idea what they did after I left. All I know is that in the beginning they looked like they wanted to pick a fight and somehow we instead got into a conversation about champagne crab and other gourmet food. I think it was as surreal for them as it was for me.

Monday it's back to cats, cats, cats!