226: Premium Cat Channel


I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy hearing from you all. Because of analytics services I have a rough idea of how many people check in on the site daily. I can tell you that fans are from the U.S. Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands etc. etc., but it's not the same as actually hearing from people. Fan mail is always so exciting. I learn such interesting things from how to finally defeat my grain moth adversaries in our fight for the kitchen or that someone found my comic because their cat sat on the keyboard and directed her to it. I get to find out about what sort of pets everyone has and the fascinating things they do with their lives, like teach old school fencing, write novels, participate in the SCA and move rare books. Plus the Happy Tails I have received are wonderful! I'm down to only a handful of my own left and getting to hear other people's experiences is a joy.