225: Kitty Kendo


My apologies to any martial artists in the audience for the egregiously bad shinai.

I've become totally spoiled on natural salts. It all started because Trader Joe's sold a 2 dollar Himalayan pink salt grinder, which I bought because pink seemed more exciting than white sea salt. I found that the coarse grain salt of the grinder made flavors really pop and required less salt. Then I discovered smoked sea salt and after that it was all over. Whenever we found deals on interesting salts, we bought them: Hawaiian red, Hawaiian black, del gris, Cyprus black flakes, Australian pink flakes, Peruvian salt, Italian salt...each one distinct and an exciting way to change dinner. I admit the sulfurous Indian salt we bought has not been a favorite and the Hawaiian black has a bit too much charcoal in its flavor, but the sel gris is the champion of cookie salts, nothing makes a bland dish come to life like Japanese smoked salt and I still love using the Himalayan salt for every day cooking. I had no idea something as common as salt could become so exciting.