223: Carmine


So in big and exciting news for me. My husband and I are prepping to move to Massachusetts. When I graduated from college in 2004, my goal was to live like Miss Rumphius, go to exotic places, see the world and come back and make my home more beautiful. In short, my plan was in ten years time to be back living in New England and in January 2014 that will be so! I am wicked excited. This means that I can have a little sail boat again, we can get a puppy, maybe some ducks and we'll finally be able to afford to own a house. There are so many wonderful things I'll be able to do with a house including that I'll have a kiln in the basement to do more with my clay sculpture. I'm hoping we'll have some land for a tiny fruit orchard, a big vegetable garden and be able plant lots of different types of flowers all around. In the case of the comic, don't worry, I have a nice big buffer and I have moved so many times I have the process down to a science. There will be no hiccups in the update schedule.