222: Tango


My husband and I are a big fan of solving most marital conflict with money, or rather buying things that solve the problem like bedside tables that double as lamps so that we can fit books, iPads and whatnot by the bed or getting a tea maker that isn't prone to spilling boiling water filled with organic matter all over the kitchen floor. The best thing we've bought by far has been the robovacs. At first we got a Roomba, which at the push of a button wandered around our apartment like a little drunk, eventually cleaning everything and keeping our apartment free of cat hair. Then we upgraded to a Neato, which at a scheduled time every day revs up like a jet engine and stalks around with a laser calculated map, making sure every corner is free kitty fur. They aren't Rosie from the Jetsons, but these little machines are pretty darn awesome. My parents like to trot theirs out at dinner parties for guests, their best little piece of the future.