206: What Not to Say...



I can't say being hypoglycemic is fun. It has it's advantages...I'm less prone to gaining weight, I get to eat more often than other people and I'm exempt from fasting, which would be more advantageous if my family actually believed in fasting. We've always had the creed that it's awful hard to be at peace with the world when your stomach is growling. The downsides of hypoglycemia are pretty crummy. If I don't eat every two hours I start to have adverse effects, like stomach cramps, sharp headaches, less control over my emotions and fatigue. If I let it go even further I start to get really really stupid, like can't figure out how to unwrap a granola bar stupid. I once ate the whole wrapper on a cupcake, because I was hungry and I couldn't figure out how to get it off...I'm pretty good at coping and keep an arsenal of snacks with me at all times. People around me have gotten used to it too, my husband usually knows when I need to eat before I do and I have a few friends that also stock up on munchies before heading anywhere with me. All in all it's a good thing that I love to eat!