216: Un-Broed


I'm not sure if you've heard of the cronuts craze in New York, but living in Jersey we couldn't escape the buzz. A couple months ago we went to the famed bakery, which was sold out of their signature confection, but had a case full of other mouth watering goodies. We split three pastries, each better than the last and despite the fact they all featured chocolate, no two had a similar flavor. Recently we went back. We had a lychee-coconut meringue, a marscapone caramel custard cream puff and a pine cone with each individual spine made of dark chocolate, filled with gingerbread and praline. When we went to pay for our order we got a great surprise, they still had cronuts! Naturally we bought one of those too. It was a thick, buttery croissant filled with sweet custard and deep fried, then topped with delicate frosting and flakes of salt. Having eaten one, I can see why they became such a fad. If you're planning a trip to New York, add a trip tp Dominique Ansel's  to your itinerary!