212: Myles' Story Part II

Based on Kate Gorman's account posted to her blog Convert Confidential. 


I love cooking magazines. I think I've subscribed to every single on the market, though in the end I've only renewed Clean Eating, Eating Well and Cooking Light. I like the health magazines, because they have the most interesting articles. For example, I never knew shitake mushrooms were nutritional powerhouses or that delicata squash even existed. Also, I think humans mastered the art of making food tasty long ago, so finding delicious recipes is easy, while finding ones that are extremely tasty and good for you is a real challenge. As a result the health magazines tend to have the most creative recipes. That said this time of year what I've mostly gotten out of them is ways to make yummy cookies. The gingerbread medallions I made were so addictively good we finished off the batch in a day!