209: Culture vs. Religion


When I lived in China people used to comment on how surprised they were at my quick acclimation. One of the things they often brought up was my lack of distress at being touched by strangers. They said most Americans liked to keep their distance, didn't like them standing so close or randomly touching their person. The other thing Americans apparently didn't like was protracted conversations about what they should be doing. In China the most common questions I got asked were my age, my income, my rent and my romantic status. Each of these questions then lead to an opinion.

 "You're paying too much for rent. You should talk to my friend, he can set you up with a better place." "You're so single? But you're so pretty. You need to get out more and meet people!" "You're already that old? You need to find a husband soon!"

I used to laugh and tell them that was because I wasn't American per se, I was Jewish, different culture.