207: Life of the Party


Every place I've lived has had it's own little apartment ecosystem. The basement apartment had a wealth of silverfish that turned up in unexpected places and made me jump. The carriage house had ants. The first place I lived had a roommate who was obsessed with vacuuming. My current apartment has both stink bugs and grain moths. The cats do a good job of keeping the stink bugs in check for us, but the grain moths are harder. I discovered we had them when the rice was clumping oddly and next thing I know there are white caterpillars crawling in the rice I set up to boil. I dislike caterpillars immensely. So we threw everything else and put the new rice in a better sealed container. I've become vigilant about making sure everything is sealed, but something inevitably slips through and we wonder why we have to put out the grain moth catching traps again until after months I finally open the unsuspecting oatmeal container...I prefer the mouse problem they had at my old job. That was at least cute and easily solved with one big glass snack jar!