200: Freya's Cats


Hurray we've made it to strip 200! I hope you've been enjoying the ride as much as I have. Like at strip 100, I've set new goals for myself to keep this comic ever improving.

1. Improved Black and White Aesthetics: 

I'm going to be paying a lot more attention to the ratio of black, white and gray in each panel and will strive to attain a golden ratio that makes each strip ultra easy and visually enjoyable to read.  

2.  Better Hands:

You might have noticed all the characters lost their pinky fingers. In an attempt to make the hands look more plausible, I dropped the finger to try for a more cartoony aesthetic. However, I finally had a break through on finger joints and general hand anatomy, so hopefully that fourth finger will be coming back and the hands in general will look more pleasing.

3. The page has new navigation buttons, a revamped archives and the ad box is coming back. I realize no one likes ads per se, but they help offset the web hosting costs and I will do my best to serve up ads that should be of interest to Seeking Shelter readers. 

4. I'm working on a print collection of the first 194 strips and 4 relevant Happy Tails. More details on that will be forth coming  in about a month.