181: Stranded in the Storm

Forgive my flakiness, I forgot to mention last week we had a special Happy Tail by Emma Lysyk. You can check it out here.



I grew up listening to the radio. My Dad at one point owned over a dozen stations, so I probably listened to it in a different way than most, with an ear for programming and how they placed their ads. I still listen to the radio, mainly top 40, when I'm driving by myself, but when my husband and I drive anywhere together we end up listening to a humungous playlist we've saved on our phones made up of KMFD, Ramstein, Nikki Minaj, P!nk, Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Ray, Amanda Palmer, Boom Boom Satellites, Tsunami Bomb, Linkin Park, Elli Golding, Daft Punk, Scooter and whatever has caught our fancy for the moment. We know it's extremely eclectic, but very high energy and an interesting melding of both of our pre-marriage tastes.