202: Blindly Following



Strip 201 wasn't up to snuff, so I decided not to post it. I still like the concept and it revision may pop up later, but didn't want to post a subpar comic. 

Recently my car was making an alarming rattling noise and I went to get it fixed. I ended up sitting around the dealership for hours and decided to take a walk around the neighborhood.  Demographically it was really fascinating. My current neighborhood is pretty diverse, maybe 50% people of European descent and then every other ethnicity imaginable mixed together for the other half. This place was all black, whether the residents had ancestors who had been living in the U.S. since before the emancipation or were recent immigrants from the caribbean, everyone had some stripe of African heritage. I hadn't been somewhere so genetically uniform since Japan!

I saw a lot of nice architecture, some roads that were still cobblestone and ended up having a long chat with a crossing guard about what I thought was an abandoned synagogue. Turned out there was a Shul nearby and that they used the building for studying. The crossing guard kept repeating that all he'd say about them was that they waved back. I think that was code for "wow they're freaky, but anyone who is nice in my book is a good man."  

I ended up getting some garlic knots midway through my walk from an Italian man, who looked shockingly pale compared to the other residents. When I told him I was just wandering around he warned me emphatically not to walk to the right. To the right was Newark. DON'T GO TO NEWARK! I actually had already tried that direction and decided that all the boarded up buildings were a good indicator that I shouldn't keep heading that way. I guess I was right!