193: Broface


This strip was inspired by me accidentally kicking our gray tabby a month ago. He was oddly more affectionate and respectful after the event. Very weird cat. As an interesting note, Tim is the first entirely fictional character in the comic to be featured. Originally he was just a throw-away prop, but I realized if I wanted to start developing Rab Cat's personality, he needed a friend at the shelter and since he hates women, Tim seemed like the obvious choice. In retrospect, if I'd known at the time he was going to be important, I would have spent more love on his character design. He may need to get a new hair do in a strip or two... 

Also, if you don't know what "broface" is, read this strip of Three Panel Soul.  These guys coined the phrase, which we use constantly to refer to our gray tabby's favorite form of affection with my husband. I'm not allowed to "broface"; I guess the cat still has a pretty big gender bias.