178: Instinct


When I say I do kendo, provided people know what kendo is, the first that probably jumps to mind is people screaming and hitting each other with swords. At least that's what comes to my mind…but there's all sorts of fussy maintenance stuff that goes with it. The uniform has to be folded just so, the armor needs to be washed in such a way that you don't get streaks and the bamboo swords need to be rotated when the slats start splintering. This is the one that always gets me. After 11 years of kendo, I feel like I should be able to do it, but I inevitably mess up the knots putting the swords back together. The latest time I tried, I found out they'd cheaped out and glued the strings, which meant I had to buy new ones, since a 1 dollar string is much more affordable than a new 30 dollar sword, but I can't seem to tie it together... Well, thank goodness for dojo friends who are more competent than I and at least now I get to have pretty purple instead of boring white string!