186: Return of the Heretic



E-mail is a lot of fun, but I think letter writing is my favorite form of communication. I like choosing the stamps, the stationary, the envelopes…I have a huge stack of decorative papers I bought while I was living in China that are especially enjoyable to use. Though what really makes letter writing great is the people you're interacting with. My current favorite pen pals are an old buddy from Bryn Mawr and my 12 year old second cousin out on the west coast. I like the college pal, because she writes the most colorful and amusingly sarcastic letters that make even the most mundane activities that she describes seem terribly interesting. I like writing to my cousin, because she is a budding otaku and while friends my age have tastes that have mainly matured or changed, she's a voracious consumer of all things manga and anime. It's nice to be able to compare shows we are watching and books we are reading for three or four pages straight.