The Ultimate Lame Duck: Part 4

This is the end of the epilogue! I'm going to take Monday off for Martin Luther King's, because goodness knows this year more than any in recent history we need to remember those for fought for the oppressed! And Wednesday starts the new comic: Infinite Trouble starting with my husband and my's move the Massachusetts and me getting pregnant. It's going to be a lot of parenting humor, but like this comic, I will make a point of not just dragging out the same tired jokes people have seen other places. I hope you enjoy it and if it's not you're thing, thanks for reading Seeking Shelter and I hope you find many a new and wondrous comic to enjoy!

Oh and as a side note, I did this strip a favor for a friend who wanted characters done of her kids. I'm not totally pleased with how it came out, but hopefully by the time they actually enter the comic (probably a year or two from now), I will be better at drawing tiny humans.