About the Comics

The Ballad of Your 20's: 

How I wish I had a better job/ How I wish I had better luck with romance/ I'm lonely and want real friends/ I want an apartment that doesn't suck/ Why does it feel like everything is a mess?

Unless you're very lucky, you have probably sung a stanza or two of this ‘song’ before. When you're in your 20's your Rubik's cube is probably horribly muddled and nothing is quite right. That's what this comic is about, or rather where it starts. It's about being lost and finding something to make life count, something to give your life meaning and satisfaction. 

In this case that something is fostering cats, because this is very much a comic all about cats, the cute and cuddly ones,  the ornery and sharp clawed ones, those that are old and deathy, those that are tiny and adorable, the feral ones, the domestic to the point of stupid ones, every type of cat out there that I have ever met, because I think stories with lots of animals are immensely enjoyable and if you're reading this, I suspect you do too! So pull up your favorite tabby, hope he doesn't maul your arm, sit back, read and enjoy!

All the events are strongly based on reality, though certain elements have been exaggerated for effect. Few strips in this story are one to one representation of reality though, unless otherwise noted, nothing is pure fiction either. 

Because Seeking Shelter is a story that focuses on animal rescue and made for animal lovers 10% of all profits go towards animals rescue causes. 

The sequel, Infinite Trouble, is about your 30's, which is like standing proudly on top of a mountain and realizing there is a whole range of different peaks in front of you. The climb has only just begun...

About Happy Tails

Based off a common component of animal rescue websites, this part of the site is dedicated to tales of being savior, be it humans helping animals or animals helping humans, and their happy endings. This is the place to get a complete feel good animal story. It is also a platform to display other creators' writing and artistic skills. It updates most Sundays and occasionally on Wednesdays. 

About the Author

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Marjorie Skiba has solved her Rubik's Cube and lives in Denmark with her husband and two small children. She likes her beer dark, her martial arts real and finds cooking is a whole lot more fun when your husband does all the cleaning. She has lived in China and Japan and traveled to a dozen more countries. When not being kept busy by her children, likes to engage in an eclectic group of activities including sailing, juggling, sculpting with clay, dog paddling in the ocean and collecting rubber duckies. 

About the Process

Each comic is made up of two to three sheets of  9 x 12 inch Strathmore Sketch paper lovingly penciled in non-repro blue, usually on the couch, while I watch anime with my husband. The panels are inked using Sakura Pigma Graphic 1 pen for the outlines, a Pilot brush pen for the hair, Copic hollyhock for the gray spaces and Copic special black for the black spaces. A rotating combination of 3-5 pens are used for texturing and effects, pretty much whatever new pens I've bought to experiment with. The panels are scanned and finished in Manga Studio. Most of the text is done in font CC Sign Language and CC Spooky Tooth, which I purchased especially for the comic. I then send the strips in batches of ten to a friend for copy editing. Once returned, the strips are reviewed by my husband in batches of five to be fine tuned and then put in a scheduled queue on the website. Each comic strip start to finish takes 1-1.5 hours to complete and I usually do them in one week batches.