Survival Instincts

I never thought of myself as a horror fan per se, but over the years my husband has gotten me to appreciate a well done horror movie. Among their virtues are the moralistic threads that run through them and their conciseness. It’s nice to watch a film that still clocks in at 90 minutes. I don’t like gore, especially zombies, but there is an appeal to this subgenre, mainly the survival aspect of it. Survival stories are fascinating.

On that vein, I just read Brett Fernau’s works. You may remember him as the author of Zombies, Cats and Heroes, a book a I raved about a few years ago. His latest work just came out Survival Instincts. You can tell he’s matured as an author, like his last full length novel, it’s a fun romp, with a YA feel but with a protagonist who is middle aged, which I find a refreshing change. Instead of zombies, now it’s a life shattering earthquake in California, which isn’t just plausible, seems downright likely. Also, like his other works, the book focuses on a man and cat. In this case, the cat is the only protagonist for the first few chapters. As an animal person myself, I really like the idea of the bond between a man and his cat being what pulls someone out of the depression of loosing his whole family and essentially his whole world.

You can tell this is self published, there are a few typos, my favorite being a stray first person sentence, (relate much to your hero, Brett?) and the phrase “bad guy” is used too much, but that doesn’t detract from this excellent survivalist romp. If you’re tired of books that make you think or having to wade through paragraphs describing in flowery detail the mundane events of everyday life, this is a great diversion, it’s the ultimate airplane or vacation book. I read it in two page chunks, because, well, small children, and it didn’t detract in the least. It had me thinking about it all day and eager to pick it up again, even I was going to be called away quickly to pour milk or change diapers. Did I also mention that the price point is only 5 bucks? So, if you’re looking for a fun read, you should give Survival Instincts a go!