175: The Good Kind of Weird

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I was never a fan of Muppet Babies back in the day, but my son was interested in the reboot and I've been pleasantly surprised. In general, he's never been into emotional growth shows, but this one really holds his interest. I've been won over by things like an episode they did about racial stereotyping (a new frog comes to the pre-school and everyone assumes he must have the exact same interests as Kermit), while the male to female ratio still isn't great, the penguin they added is a much more dynamic character than the secondary female in the old version and what has truly won me over is the theatre critics recast as an old gay couple. Well, not definitively, they could just be two old men who live and do everything together and clearly love each other's company, but from a three year old's perspective, what's the difference? All in all, it's a surprisingly well done show that holds my sons attention and I find far more satisfying than any other in it's genre. So if you've got little kids or grandkids, give it a try with them!