86: Progression

I was listening to a podcast recently that was saying the PC term for people who are not has now become LGBTQA+, which has got to be the most absurd thing I've this week. I get that it started out that referring to gay issues became a thing where gay women were being ignored, so they had to start referring to gays AND lesbians and then it was that people who were bisexual were being ignored so then we get the B, but I feel like transexual has to fit somewhere under that umbrella and having to call out generally sexually queer, but not fitting into those boxes...and then asexual? How does one even discriminate against someone being asexual? "I'm sorry you can't work here unless you prove you are having sex with someone." "Throw rocks at that lady! She isn't holding hands with anyone!" I don't get it. I would argue just used queer. It's lost its negative roots and, yeah, if you aren't hetero or bisexual, while you are totally a part of the natural landscape (Science has examples of all sorts of cases in nature. I even had a pair of lesbian ducks), if it was the norm we'd die out as a species. I have no tolerance for discrimination or people trying to pretend problems don't exist, but on the flip side, it's silly to try to call out the myriad of ways people are different by making up ridiculously long acronyms for groups instead of finding decent catch all names.