160: Sunshine

Sorry for the dark strip, it's just every time I hear that song "You are my sunshine" this is what I think of and I really wanted to do a strip on it. I promise though that unlike Seeking Shelter, there won't be any death or tragedy, just a lot of neuroses.

Book 001 - 178 Sunshine.png

I realized the other day that my little hedgehog haired daughter has my hair. It sticks straight up, because it is so soft and fine that it defies gravity. I had this pang of sympathy for her, poor girl stuck with super silky, super straight hair that won't hold a hair clip, braid or scrunchy. Her hair style choices are simply going to be long or short, bangs or no bangs. My husband then pointed out that super silky, super straight jet black hair can be considered quite beautiful, especially in a country of predominantly blondes. He's right and I realized my reaction was so much a product of being a child of the 80's. When I was a kid everyone wanted curly hair like by big sister. I pined to be able to curl or at least crimp my locks, I really wanted to wear a side pony tail or a French braid. I still get pangs of jealousy over women of African descent who have those amazing micro curls. Over 30 years later beauty standards have changed and straight hair is much more fashionable. I hope she will like her hair and I suppose for all I know the kid is going to want a crew cut.