Blog Post: Another Favorite Recipe

Nameless Chicken

 * 400 G/ 1 lb chicken (cubed)
 * 2 Tbsps sesame oil
 * 2 Tsps soy sauce
 * 2 Tbsp honey
 * 2 tsps ginger
 * 2 Tbsps almond butter
 * 1 Tbsp rice vinegar
 * 1 tsp Sriacha
Heat oil in pan. Add chicken and then add all other ingredients and cook until done.

This is great over rice. I typically mix in haricot vert green beans at the end and is my daughter's current favorite dish. It's spicy, but the almond butter keeps it from being mouth burning hot and the texture is delectable. 

When we first moved to Denmark I couldn't find almond butter, so I used tahini as a substitute, which is about 85% as good, though eventually I broke down and got a big tub of almond butter from Amazon Germany, because I just have too many tasty recipes that use the stuff and tahini isn't always a valid substitute.

In general I only cook a recipe once every six months to a year, but this one like Afternoon Pork is something I make as often as once every month or two, because it's that good. Why is it called Nameless Chicken? Um, I guess because 'almond butter Asian style chicken' was too long and too boring and I needed something for my cookbook entry.