44: Mother in Law Time

A fan introduced me to the webcomic Scandinavia and the World. If you know the manga/anime Hetalia, it's like a non-offensive, more accessible version of that. If you're not familiar with Hetalia, it's a cute series of stand alone comics about anthropomorphized countries that teach you about different cultures. The main characters are Denmark, Sweden and Norway with Finland and Iceland playing the biggest supporting roles. I find the portrayal of the United States (a muscle bound, spray tanned, bleach blonde bully) particularly funny. Of course we all know most Americans are like that, but in terms of our foreign and government policies it seems so apt. I learned some really neat things from it, like that Denmark was the main progenitor of eugenics, but was doing it as justification for why they should create a welfare state and take care of those naturally less equipped to fend for themselves and it was coopted by the Nazis as an excuse to kill lots of people.